Ok, today I started out by doing Drills 1-8 twice without stopping. I did them at a medium pace--much slower than the last time I did one of these blog entries. Here's the results: I started at a heart rate of 80 bpm. I began doing the drills at a relatively relaxed medium pace--working on my form. It took me 16:28 to get through Drills 1-8 twice at that pace. My average heart rate was 166 bpm and my max heart rate was 179 bpm--burning a total of 295 calories. I took a short break, then I repeated the process.

The second time around, I started at a heart rate of 132 bpm. Again, I worked through the drills at a medium pace. The second pass took me a bit longer--17:22. My average heart rate was 171 bpm and again the maximum was 179 bpm--for a calorie burn of 331. So in just over 30 mins, I burned 626 calories doing the stick drills 1-8 a total of four times at a medium/relaxed pace. That's over 1,200 calories in an hour--not nearly as many calories as I burned the last time with my fast sprint through Drills 1-8. However, I wasn't even putting in maximum effort this time--I could have kept this pace up all day--and this is more calories than what cardio kickboxing classes out there that hit the heavy bags are claiming--and we haven't even gotten to OUR bag drills yet ;-) The stick training is the ultimate high intensity/low impact workout! Stay tuned!!!!

ITERATION #1 (Drills 1-8 done twice)

ITERATION #2 (Drills 1-8 done twice after a short break)